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get to know ko.

We don’t expect you to listen our story the same way our proud mothers do. But we would like to tell you we’re a vital company with a rich Norwegian heritage. Our mission is to inspire your cooking and eating by bringing you the best seafood the ocean can offer – all around the world. So if you’d like to get to know us better, you’re in the right place.

Company Tour

We’re out in boats bringing in the fish. We’re in kitchens creating new taste sensations. We’re here and you’re there. Anyway, giving you a personal company tour isn’t always possible. Try this virtual one instead.

What's New

Are we introducing a new product you might like? Do we have a special promotion you should know about? Are we sponsoring a fun event or a team in your area? Get the latest King Oscar news now.

Innovations & Awards

You ask for great new flavors, and we deliver. You ask for more fish choices, and we deliver. You ask for easy-open cans or better packaging options, and we deliver. We even win awards for it.


You start a company. You make good products. The word gets out and more people want what you make. You grow. You expand into new markets. And all of a sudden you are over 100 years old.