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norway: fjord fishermen win the brisling lottery

August 2008 – As reported in the Bergen Tidende, Norway’s fjord fishermen seem to have won the lottery with this year’s phenomenal brisling catch, one of the best on record. In just the start of the 2008 fjord fishing season, the fishermen already have hauled in 800-900 tons of tiny, delicate brisling. That is approximately eightfold what was netted at the same time last year.

Indeed, according to the experts the brisling fishing in western Norway hasn’t been this good for about 30 years. Better still, this year’s catch is proving to be of the highest quality. The fish are of perfect size and have the ideal fat content for superior taste. Good news for King Oscar, home of the world’s finest sardines and keeper of a 100-year-old Norwegian tradition!