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norway: special vintage sardines

This November in Norway, we released our special King Oscar Vintage Sardines 2007 limited edition package. Consisting of three cans of hand-selected summer brisling sardines, these delicate fish represent the best of the 2007 catches. In all, only 3,000 of these limited edition cans were produced, making them the perfect rare gift for the sardine aficionado. The brisling were netted in the Indre Nordfjord, then processed and packed by hand in extra virgin olive oil for superior mild taste. Each can contains a certificate with information about the fishing boat, along with the place and date of the catch. As sardine gourmets know, brisling sardines become more flavorful with age – just like a bottle of fine wine. So the longer you wait, the better these King Oscar sardines will be. Of course, if you must open them now we fully understand.