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poland: launch of fitness line

This September, be sure to look for in-store promotions in Poland, where King Oscar will launch a new line of lighter products. Created for people with an active lifestyle, the King Oscar Fitness Line will feature products in smaller, freshly designed cans (110g) for smaller portions – perfect for people who care just what and how much they eat.

All products will provide delicious flavor, powerful nutrition, and lighter calories. The product flavors are not traditionally sauce-based, so they will help fitness-minded people avoid unwanted carbohydrates.

King Oscar’s new Polish Fitness Line will include the following products:

  • Mackerel Fillet in Brine
  • Mackerel Fillet with Tomato and Basil
  • Mackerel Fillet with Lemon Flavor
  • Herring Fillet with Pepper
  • Herring Fillet with Dill Flavor
  • Herring Fillet with Celery Flavor