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poland: ko fitness line wins consumer award

King Oscar’s line of fitness products has been awarded Poland’s Consumer Laurels “Discovery of the Year” title for 2009. The coveted award is particularly satisfying, as it is based on a consumer vote.

“The canned fish market in Poland is becoming increasingly focused on fitness, diet, and health,” said Monika Idźkowska, a marketing coordinator for King Oscar Poland. “People are changing their buying habits, too. Instead of just eating sprats and herrings, they’re also choosing more fillets and eating more salmon, sardines, and cod.”

“In response to these trends we launched six new low-calorie products in the Fall of 2008. The award confirms that we definitely hit the bull’s-eye with Poland’s health-conscious consumers. This makes us feel really good as a company.”

The “Discovery of the Year” award has been running for five years. It’s designed to highlight domestic products and services that are viewed positively by consumers. Key evaluation points include brand awareness, quality and innovation, willingness to recommend services/products to friends, brand loyalty, and personal purchasing experiences. The King Oscar range is in very good company as last year’s list of winners also included the latest model of the Renault Laguna.