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ko gets a fresh new look

December 2010 – People in grocery stores around the world are being introduced to the new face of King Oscar. After approximately 10 years, the King Oscar brand is being rejuvenated with a new graphic design, including a fresh portrait of our king and a new logo.

100 years old and brand new…
Drawing upon a rich brand heritage dating back to 1902, our new design pays tribute to the graphic imagery that has graced our cans for over 100 years now. In fact, only King Oscar brand seafood was given special royal permission to use the name and likeness of King Oscar. We think His Majesty would feel the same way today.

While our appearance is changing, our core values are not…
As always, we are committed to a tradition of superior quality, to your health and vitality, and to helping you prepare easy, delicious meals. That is, our look is new but our mission is still to deliver the best for you.

Coming to a shelf near you…
The introduction of King Oscar’s new packaging has just begun. While you will still see King Oscar products sporting our familiar label on supermarket shelves, you can expect more of our products to bear our proud new look in the months to come. We expect that the global transition to our new design will be complete by the end of 2011.

Long live the King (again)!