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norway: ko’s tiny brisling big in japan

April 2010 – Okay, the Japanese aren’t exactly clamoring for traditional Norwegian flatbread yet, but they are in love with another of Norway’s all-time fjord favorites. In Japan, the tiny brisling sardine is big. Very big.

“King Oscar sardines have been available on Japanese grocery shelves for 40 years, but today they are best-sellers. You can find them in stores everywhere,” says Keisuke Nakayama, a Senior Advisor in the Tokyo office of Innovation Norway. In fact, about one million cans of King Oscar sardines are sold annually in Japan, making King Oscar the #1 imported sardine brand in this seafood-loving country. Most popular are King Oscar Sardines in Soybean Oil.

As Mr. Nakayama says, “Food is not just a product. It is a reflection of the people and the daily habits of the place it comes from.” So maybe Japan is turning Norwegian? One can of KO at a time.