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King Oscar’s Director of Purchasing, Erling Kvale, holds a handful of this year’s top-quality brisling catch.

2011 Brisling Season in high gear

September 2011 – The 2011 brisling fishing season has begun and the news is very bright from the pristine waters of Norway’s Hardangerfjord. In fact, in just several weeks of fishing, the catches are so abundant and the quality of the fish so high, that King Oscar has already brought in almost everything it needs to supply the world with its famous brisling sardines for the entire next year!

Once netted and thronged in the Norwegian fjords, the fish are brought on board the fishing boats and quickly frozen in solid ice blocks to ensure maximum freshness. From there, the fish are shipped to King Oscar’s world-class processing facility in Gniewino, Poland, where they are wood-smoked and hand-packed following a generations-old Norwegian tradition.

After canning and packaging, the familiar red tins of tiny and delicious brisling sardines go to households all around the world, including those in Norway, the United States, Australia and Japan, among others.

The catch area in the Hardangerfjord, one of nature’s most spectacular scenic wonders, extends from Skånevik to Gjermundshamn and the typical brisling fishing season runs from mid-August until the end of December. However, according to Erling Kvale, Director of Purchasing for King Oscar, the fishing conditions are so ripe this year that the fishermen are well ahead of schedule. This is a tribute to Norway’s strong fishery management initiatives, in which King Oscar actively participates.

It appears that this year’s brisling catch could set some new records. Looks like there’s a delicious King Oscar fish sandwich in your future!