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October 2009 – After winning at the regional level, King Oscar’s Herring Cocktails in Dill Sauce product is now proudly headed for the national finals of a Norwegian food competition. The Norwegian Meal is an annual juried competition that celebrates the best quality foods from Norway’s land and seas.

King Oscar Herring Cocktails enjoy a proud tradition of excellence. For generations, King Oscar has insisted on the finest natural ingredients, time-tested recipes, and an exclusive production process. After being netted in October and November, our premium quality Norse herring are barrel-aged in brine for six months. The fish are then moved to new barrels for another three months of aging in seasoned brine before being hand-packed in tins the old-fashioned way. Always of mild, balanced taste, King Oscar Herring Cocktails in Dill Sauce, Wine Sauce, and Sherry Sauce are a national favorite.