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Press Archive

King Oscar Alaskan Salmon Sets New Record

Prague, 30 November 2006 – Prague’s Vinohrady today experienced a magnificent event of record dimensions. Within the course of several hours, the chefs Filip Sajler and Ondřej ...more

King Oscar Launches Minced Mackerel in Norway

October 2005 – After excellent consumer feedback during pre-launch trials, King Oscar introduces new Mackerel in Tomato Sauce onto the Norwegian market with high hopes of success. “Mackerel ...more

King Oscar Tuna Snack Launched in Norway

June 2005 – In 2005, King Oscar launched a new concept in Norway and Sweden: King Oscar Tuna Snack. Tuna Snack comes in three exciting flavors: King Oscar ...more

Hit Single Introduces King Oscar Tuna Products in Norway

June 2003 – King Oscar decided to introduce tuna products in Norway after success with sardines and mackerel. As a part of the launch campaign, King Oscar ...more

King Oscar Sponsors New Scandinavian Cooking TV Show

May 2003 – King Oscar’s decision to sponsor the TV program, New Scandinavian Cooking, currently being broadcast in the USA, has produced an exciting bonus! The program, presented ...more