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Hit Single Introduces King Oscar Tuna Products in Norway

June 2003 – King Oscar decided to introduce tuna products in Norway after success with sardines and mackerel. As a part of the launch campaign, King Oscar has released a CD single “Stay Tuned with King Oscar Tuna & Ephemera.” A girls band – Ephemera – is singing on this single. In addition to this, the campaign will also include a film in cinemas, announcements, and radio spots.

“We are very much focused on media in this campaign. Also, we used three of Ephemera’s songs on the CD. The CD has been given to the sales force and the stores to build interest around our product,” says Ellen Nygård Nilsen from King Oscar.

She underlines that the product is called “tuna” not “tunfisk” (Norwegian). “Tunfisk is a fish whereas tuna is a trend,” asserts Ellen.

The campaign start is scheduled for later this month. In many markets, including Australia and the USA, tuna already holds a dominant position in the canned category. Tuna products have already been introduced into the Eastern European markets and now King Oscar introduces them in Norway.