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King Oscar Alaskan Salmon Sets New Record

Prague, 30 November 2006 – Prague’s Vinohrady today experienced a magnificent event of record dimensions. Within the course of several hours, the chefs Filip Sajler and Ondřej Slanina prepared forty types of dishes from King Oscar Alaska salmon. Visitors to the Flora Palace played their part too, wolfing down the entire record in a matter of minutes.

Fettuccini with Alaska salmon, Alaska salmon in batter, tartelettes with Alaska salmon foam and 37 other recipes from famous chefs and also from visitors to the King Oscar website. Preparation of the dishes was part and parcel of a splendid, not only culinary, show.

“At the end of the year, we wanted to thank our customers in an unorthodox manner. At the same time, we made use of the universality of Alaska salmon, which serves beautifully for the preparation both of pancakes and a delicious soup,” says Radek Hovorka, Sales Manager of King Oscar for Central Europe.

The guests in attendance took part in a host of Arctic competitions for interesting prizes. Also announced within the programme was the winner of the internet contest for the best Alaska salmon recipe, Eva Brožová with her “avocado boat”. The two presenters – Filip Sajler and Ondřej Slanina – were in charge of the proceedings.

“The contestants’ imagination astounded us. It was difficult to choose the very best recipe, since Alaska salmon tastes great just on its own,” revealed Filip Sajler, one of the event’s presenters.

A representative of the agency Dobrý den, Mr. Aleš Zemín, who oversaw the official registration of the record, also confirmed that dishes made with King Oscar Alaska salmon are truly delicious.

“Culinary records are always interesting, but it often happens that they don’t really whet my appetite. In most cases, it concerns the largest cake, roll, pretzel, and the like,” Aleš Zemín said in conclusion.

Salmon and other types of fish from King Oscar
Under the King Oscar brand, on the Czech market we not only encounter salmon but other fish products too – for example, sardines, herring and mackerel fillets, sprats and cod liver.

The brand’s position and significance
Since 1902, King Oscar products have borne a royal name. In that year, the Norwegian and Swedish King Oscar II granted royal consent to connecting his name and portrait with these premium products, which within a short time achieved worldwide renown. At the present time, we can encounter them not only in Europe – they are an extraordinarily successful brand on the North American and Asian markets too.