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Our Fish

an ocean of choices.

King Oscar draws upon a rich and proud Norwegian heritage. With a tradition of excellence and a history of ocean stewardship, we bring you a complete range of superior seafood products. As always, we start with the best quality fish from waters around the world. Our fish catches must meet not only the most rigorous industry standards, but also our own, more stringent requirements. At King Oscar, we insist on the most responsible and sustainable fishing practices. That’s how we bring you an ocean of delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly choices. All fit for a king.



Once known as the “silver of the sea,” herring are small, oily fish that are abundant throughout European and North Atlantic seas. At King Oscar, we choose only the best quality herring for products with firm, rich texture and delicate flavor.

Extremely popular throughout Europe and in Australia, our herring is packaged in a variety of sauces, from traditional tomato sauce to a variety of cocktail sauces.

King Oscar uses only wild-caught herring fished either from Norwegian waters, the North Sea, or the Baltic Sea. Because herring swim in huge shoals and are abundant and quick to mature, their populations are highly replenishable – making them an excellent sustainable seafood choice.