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ko in australia.

King Oscar has been feeding premium sardines to Australians since 1913. And today, more than one-third of seafood purchased in Australia is canned fish. Just coincidence? We don’t think so. Try our famous sardines or herring and see if you don’t agree. Delicious right out of the can on toast or in salads and pasta dishes, our sardines come in a variety of sensational flavors including soybean oil, olive oil, pure spring water, and tomato sauce.

brisling sardines

The world’s finest brisling sardines from Norway’s pristine fjords and icy coastal waters. Wild-caught, sustainable, wood-smoked, and hand-packed in a variety of delicious oils and gourmet sauces.


Treat yourself like royalty. Or eat like a Norwegian king anyway. Our herring is wild-caught using sustainable fishing methods. Netted at the peak of perfection to assure top quality meat, firm and rich in texture.