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ko in belgium.

Say Belgium, and we immediately think about mackerel. That’s because in Belgium, our wide range of canned mackerel is the national favorite. As the Belgians are known as kings of the kitchen, it’s no wonder that our mackerel comes in such adventurous flavors as curry, creamy tarragon, and chili tomato sauce. Look for our line sold under the Feuille d’Or label, a brand that enjoys a proud heritage of over 75 years in this country.


Top quality mackerel, wild-caught in the cold and clean waters of the North Atlantic where peak conditions assure the best catches. Hand-packed as always. Perfect on a sandwich, delicious in a salad or pasta dish.


Treat yourself like royalty. Or eat like a Norwegian king anyway. Our herring is wild-caught using sustainable fishing methods. Netted at the peak of perfection to assure top quality meat, firm and rich in texture.