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ko in poland.

Our fish comes from oceans around the world. Our taste innovations come from international kitchens. Our commitment to smart food choices comes from our hearts. And many of our carefully prepared cans of delicious seafood come from Poland, proud home of our wonderful production facility. In Poland, our award-winning range includes herring, mackerel, tuna, and sprats – as well as unique items such as salmon, cod, and flounder. All packed in the widest variety of sensational sauces imaginable.


Treat yourself like royalty. Try our delicious herring, caught wild from the Baltic and North Seas in peak conditions for best quality meat. Rich texture and distinctive taste. In a variety of flavorful oils and sauces.


Distinctively flavored, top grade, wild-caught mackerel. Hand-packed as always to assure premium quality. Perfect on a sandwich, delicious in a salad or pasta dish. An easy way to inspire your meals.

brisling sardines

The world’s finest brisling sardines from Norway’s pristine fjords and icy coastal waters. Wild-caught, sustainable, wood-smoked, and hand-packed in a variety of delicious oils and gourmet sauces.


King Oscar sprats. It’s just another way of saying the world’s best sardines. Wild-caught, real wood-smoked, and hand-packed as always for extra quality. A consumer taste award winner, sure to be one of your favorites.


Tuna is a favorite around the world for its delicious taste Tuna is also famous as a nutritional powerhouse. King Oscar offers tuna fillets, tuna flakes, and chunk-style. All dolphin-safe. All ready when you are.


The world’s best cod liver, made from fresh-caught cod, never frozen. Preservative-free, a true delicacy, fished from arctic waters following a Norwegian tradition that goes back more than 1,000 years.


King Oscar serves Poland with many specialty items. From Alaskan salmon, cod, and flounder to byczki and spicy mackerel salad. Why you ask? Because we know you love these unique and delicious foods.