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ko in romania.

More and more Romanians are eating fish. This makes us happy. Of course because nutritious, delicious, convenient seafood is what we do. But better still, because we believe that our fish can help you inspire better food choices and more exciting taste sensations. King Oscar is proud to serve Romania with classic herring and mackerel, Baltic sardines, and delicious tuna. Please try some. We think our seafood will make your taste buds happy too.


Treat yourself like royalty. Try firm and richly textured King Oscar herring fillets, spread on bread or right out of the can. Wild-caught in peak conditions using sustainable fishing methods. The best there is.


Distinctively flavored, top grade, wild-caught mackerel. Hand-packed as always to assure premium quality. Perfect on a sandwich, delicious in a salad or pasta dish. An easy way to inspire your meals.

baltic sardines

Want to eat better? Want more flavor? Want greater convenience? That’s easy with our delicious Baltic sardines, the big superfood in the little can. Perfect for lunch or a snack – especially when you are on the go.


King Oscar sprats. It’s just another way of saying the world’s best sardines. Wild-caught, real wood-smoked, and hand-packed as always for extra quality. A consumer taste award winner, sure to be one of your favorites.


Tuna is a favorite around the world for its delicious taste. Tuna is also famous as a nutritional powerhouse. King Oscar offers tuna fillets, tuna flakes, and chunk-style. All dolphin-safe. All ready when you are.