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ko in south africa.

More and more South Africans are discovering the joys of eating fish. This makes us happy. Of course because tasty and convenient seafood is what we do. But better still, because we believe that our nutritious and delicious fish can help you inspire better food choices and more exciting taste sensations. King Oscar is proud to serve South Africa with our world-famous brisling and sild sardines. Please try some. We think it will make your taste buds happy too.

brisling sardines

The world’s finest brisling sardines from Norway’s pristine fjords and icy coastal waters. Wild-caught, sustainable, wood-smoked, and hand-packed in a variety of delicious oils and gourmet sauces.

sild sardines

Want to eat better? Want more flavor? Want greater convenience? That’s easy with our delicious sild sardines, the big superfood in the little can. Perfect for lunch or a snack – especially when you are on the go.