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ko in the usa.

Long live the King. King Oscar has reigned supreme in America’s canned seafood aisles for over 110 years now. Maybe that’s because people know quality when they taste it. Or maybe it’s because you love fun new tastes just as much as we do – exciting flavor sensations like sardines in olive oil with colorful, spicy cracked pepper or with sliced, hot jalapeño peppers. Whatever the case, King Oscar is proud to serve the USA a complete line of brisling sardines, skinless & boneless sardines, kipper snacks, and anchovies. Long live you!

brisling sardines - no salt added

We start with the world’s best brisling sardines from the pristine Norwegian fjords and the North Sea. Then we use a special processing method to assure lower sodium content for special diets.

Skinless & Boneless Sardines

Best quality skinless and boneless sardines made the old-fashioned way from small pilchard fished off of Morocco. Hand-packed as always. Distinctive taste and rich texture, a perfect substitute for tuna.


Premium quality North Atlantic mackerel, wild-caught in the pristine and icy waters between Norway and the Faroe Islands. Skinless, boneless gourmet fillets. Hand-packed in no-mess, easy-peel foil lid cans.


Enjoy our finest quality gourmet anchovy fillets, hand-packed flat in pure olive oil. Free of bones, additives, and preservatives. Kosher-certified. Perfect in recipes, on top of pizza, or in salads.


A salted and wood-smoked favorite, prepared using Canadian herring and a traditional recipe enjoyed for generations. Perfect on crackers as a snack or part of a complete meal. Hand-packed for premium quality.