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skinless & boneless mackerel fillets in olive oil

Introducing all-new Royal Fillets of Mackerel in Olive Oil! Treat yourself to gourmet quality fillets of North Atlantic mackerel and the buttery flavor of pure olive oil. Extraordinary, light taste and moist texture – unlike anything else in the seafood aisle. Delicious in “tuna-style” sandwiches, salads, pasta or casserole dishes, fish burgers, or right out of the can on a cracker! Wild-caught. Gluten-free. Kosher-certified. Over 3500mg of Omega-3s in every can (see nutritional panel for total fat content).

can size & packing
Hand-packed in award-winning no-mess, easy-peel foil lid cans – a King Oscar exclusive! 115g can size (4.05 oz).

Skinless and boneless mackerel fillets, olive oil, salt.

general information
Sustainably wild-caught in the pristine, icy waters between Norway and the Faroe Islands. King Oscar’s North Atlantic mackerel is a smaller, lower food-chain, “forage” species not associated with concerns common to larger, predatory Spanish and King mackerel varieties.1,2,3 Mackerel reproduce and mature quickly, making the species resilient to fishing pressures – and fishing methods (mainly purse seines) result in lower by-catches and environmental impact.2,4 Regulated fisheries ensure stock viability.5,6

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