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brisling sardines in soybean oil – no salt added

Finest quality wood-smoked brisling sardines hand-packed in pure soybean oil. Special production process assures lower sodium content (not a sodium-free food). No additives or preservatives. Kosher-certified. The superfood from the sea. Try in a nutritious salad.

can size & packing
Available in single-layer 106g cans. 8-12 fish per can.

Brisling sardines, soybean oil.

general information
In the United States, King Oscar is the exclusive purveyor of Norwegian brisling sardines. Among the smallest fish used for sardines, our brisling are world-famous for their dainty size, delicate texture, light flavor, and consistent quality. 100% wild-caught when fully mature at just 3.5 to 5.25 inches long, using eco-friendly fishing methods in the pristine, icy Norwegian fjords and coastal waters of Norway. Smoked in real oak-wood ovens. Hand-packed in recyclable aluminum cans.

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