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mackerel chutney spoons

1 can King Oscar Mackerel in Olive Oil,
   drained, broken into small chunks
4 tbs mango or other fruit chutney
4 tbs herbed goat cheese
1 fresh peach, fig, or other soft fruit, narrowly sliced
1 oz frisee or other baby greens, in tiny pieces
1 tbs fresh chives, finely chopped

Arrange 12 spoons or optional cracker bases decoratively on a serving platter. For each tapa, fill spoons or layer crackers with about 1 tsp each of chutney and goat cheese, then add a small morsel of fish, fruit slice, and frisee lettuce. Sprinkle chives over completed platter and serve immediately. Makes 12 portions.

royal hints
Substitute spoons with toasts, cracker rounds, cucumber slices or similar for base.